Reddish Brown Hair Color

Hair colors are indeed amusing. There is a wide range of hair colors one can choose from. Some people prefer dyeing their hairs black, blonde or brown. However, a reddish brown hair color has been a favorite too. This striking color is just perfect for most people looking for a new hair color.

Reddish brown, also known as auburn, is a popular hair color these days. It has different shades ranging from medium to dark. Some people mistakenly identified this color as brunette or a Titian hair. As compared with these color hues, auburn has larger amounts of red dye. It is lighter than the mahogany red brown color. Auburn has this perfect blend of red and brown due to the pigments pheomelanin and eumelanin. For some, the color resembles the color maroon.

Some people have innate genes that produce this color. Auburn is a lot common on people that are of Northern and Western Europe descent. Also, there are reports that some people of Indo-Aryan roots are having this red brown hair color. Though it may have a wider range of origins, people having this genetic mutation are rare.

People naturally born with red brown hair only comprise 1-2% of the world’s population. Usually, these people have fair skin, lighter eye color shades, and are sensitive to UV light. Though the hair color is non-pathological, there are some diseases associated with malnutrition and albinism that lead to a red brown color. However, these instances are very rare.

For those who wish to have red brown hair color,there are a lot of synthetic dyes available in the market. These artificial dyes also produce the same effect, as if one is born with the hair color naturally. Some brands have varied concentrations of brown and red dyes. The variations are ideal in order to adjust the tone of the color. Some stylists do the job by applying the red pigment first.

They let the dye process itself, then they rinse. Afterwards, they add the brown color and adjust the finished look. Today, there are also some hair dyes that are easy to process by mixing both dyes and put the mixture straight to the hair. With these different options, it is better to consult a hair specialist before doing the job.

Donning a red brown hair color makes one feel young and vibrant. This popular hair color has been already tried by a lot of celebrities and TV personalities. For a better new look, try this wonderful hair color.


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